About LeadsInflux

A modern Digital Marketing Agency with a mission to deliver more customers and more sales to businesses of all sizes using established and proven digital marketing solutions.

The digital marketing services we offer to local, national and international businesses in UK, Ireland, USA, Canada,covers;

  •  Online Presence Management
  •  Pay Per Results Search Engine Optimization
  •  DFY Facebook advertising with guaranteed results
  •  Pay Per Revenue Promotions
  •  Premium Local Media Advertising
  •  Reputation Management
  •  Email Marketing
  •  Artificial Intelligence Sales & Marketing VoiceBot
  •  Website Design and development
  •  And more ...

Reaching Customers Everywhere

Today consumers have easy access to information from a multitude of places on the internet. As a modern digital marketing agency our objective is to ensure the marketing message from our clients are placed in front of prospects just at the moment those prospects are searching for information on whatever platform or device they are using.


Our goal is to grab a prospect's attention with enough interest to perform a desired action that will eventually lead to a new customer or a sale for our client.Our strategic partnerships with expert solution providers allow us to fulfil our ambitions to deliver more customers and help businesses grow and profit. 

World Class Digital Service Providers

At LeadsInflux we have access to some of the world’s most innovative digital platforms empowering us to plan and execute cost effective marketing strategies to achieve successful outcomes for our clients. 

We can deliver multi-channel solutions for businesses through our partnerships with best of breed solution providers, including;

  •  The 2016 Facebook Innovation Spotlight winner.
  •  NYSE listed company with integration to over 150 digital services worldwide.
  •  The power behind the world’s largest online-to-offline (OTO) solutions platform.
  •  A company integrated with 500 leading brands to provide reputation management services.
  •  The company who created an independent media marketplace that makes buying and placing local advertising as easy and affordable as possible.
  •  More companies offering cutting edge digital marketing solutions worldwide.

We Eliminate Financial Risk For Clients

We are so confident in our ability to deliver excellent results for any client that we have structured our offerings to eliminate financial risk to clients, for example,

  • Pay-Per-Result SEO - if we do not rank a client's website on page one of search results the client does not pay.
  •  Facebook Advertising With Guaranteed results - we guarantee that each ad will be seen by X number of targeted prospects and at least six times per campaign by each individual.

We have case studies from past campaigns we can share with new clients to prove our marketing efforts are effective and provide proof of positive outcomes when they are applied with our expert knowledge.